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Completed milestones

January 2021

Chainweb 2.4 is out with support for Ethereum SPV, opening the way to full two-way bridges to Ethereum, Celo, Terra, and other EVM platforms!

With the help of our amazing community, we’re committed to making Kadena the best platform to take crypto and KDA into the new decade with an updated token economics document.

February 2021

After a successful and productive run in testnet, Kadenaswap is deployed on mainnet to start “Bountyswap”!

Kadena updated the circulation supply on the block explorer (Link: https://explorer.chainweb.com/mainnet ) to reflect the total coins on the network.

Kadena decreased the total emission rate of its platform token significantly with the intention of striking a balance between aggressively developing the platform while still supporting a healthy economy.

Kadena announced its first ambassador program, which incentivizes community members with KDA to spread Kadena’s brand via creating informative content, guiding new members in our community, and leading community channels.

Partnership with Tokensoft Wrapped to bring Wrapped tokens for BTC and ETH to Kadena’s DeFi infrastructure.

March 2021

Kadena collaborated with Zelcore to build a signing API to connect ZelCore’s wallet to dapps, allowing easier usability when using any dapps on the Kadena network.

Kadena’s Chain Relay program will involve our partners at ZelCore and CoinMetro to secure our decentralized bridges to Ethereum, Celo, and Terra, and other EVM chains.

Kadena collaborates with Flux, creating a new native token on KDA.

Kadena collaborated with Coinmetro to allow users who held KDA on Coinmetro to automatically stake their tokens for a percentage in XCM.

April 2021

Kadenaswap was rebranded by a community member through our technical grants program to give it a new look and feel. [UI project discontinued in favor of 3rd party development]

Flux launches its Kadena-native token on mainnet.

After a successful launch of the node incentivization program with our partners Zelcore/Flux that saw over 900 Kadena chainweb-nodes, Kadena continued to further the partnership by launching phase two of the program.

May 2021

Kadena’s KDA token was listed on Kucoin on May 10th, 2021, a top-five exchange.

Kadena announced a partnership with Torus to bring users a new seamless digital wallet experience for their Kadena-based apps by using social logins.


June 2021

Colorblock is the first-ever NFT project built on the Kadena platform that uses gas stations to allow users to design, mint, display, and sell pixel art for free on the blockchain.

Pact 4.0 brings features such as new primitive operations, cross-chain event improvements, and code coverage for debugging, making coding in Pact more safe and secure.

Kadena enhanced its chainweb-data node to support events and further facilitate integration with our ecosystem for partners such as wallets, exchanges, and dapps.

July 2021

Kadena announced the launch of its Chain Relay Bonding Program, to secure its decentralized bridges to Ethereum, Celo, Terra, and other EVM chains.

Kadena released the initial DAO built on Kadena’s blockchain, which aims to boost its ecosystem via community-driven initiatives and provide governance for our decentralized bridges.

We partnered with Coinmetro to provide our community with an easy and non-interactive manner of staking in Kadena’s Chain Relay Bonds

August 2021

Kadena added an event search feature to chainweb-data. This allows users, exchanges, etc to easily search for any balance-impacting events to/from their accounts, paving the way for a richer ecosystem infrastructure.

Stuart Haber, the most cited author on the 2008 Bitcoin Whitepaper and one of Kadena’s advisors, was on a fireside chat with Kadena’s CEO Stuart Popejoy.

Kadena released Pact 4.1 which allows for better Formal Verification support and database coverage in Chain Relay and Kadenaswap apps.

September 2021

Kadena announced the release of the Chain Relay Relay Software on Testnet, in preparation for the bridge to Ethereum on Mainnet. A competition was held for this event with rewards over 10,000 KDA.

Tokensoft Wrapped and Kadena partnered to launch wrapped Bitcoin, wKDA, on Kadena with more wrapped protocols to come.

Upcoming milestones

DeFi & dApps

Wrapped KDA on Ethereum

in progress

Lending platform infrastructure

design phase

New developer grant projects


New NFT projects

in progress


Kadena fiat on-ramp

partner identified

Kadena sustainable mining initiative

Q4 2021

Ethereum bridge launch

in progress

Wrapped ETH on Kadena

Q4 2021

Testnet bridge to Celo

Testnet bridge to Terra

Testnet bridge to additional EVM chains


Kadena website revamp

Q4 2021

Kadena website relaunch

Ambassador program revamp

in progress

Launching Kadena merchandise store

October 2021


Ledger wallet support

Q4 2021

Chainweaver web

Q4 2021

Additional wallet integrations

Web Extension Wallet

in progress