Founders Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino first met in J.P. Morgan’s Emergent Technologies group researching blockchain’s potential for financial services. They discovered the need for an enterprise-ready blockchain platform and developed their prototype into Kadena’s first private blockchain protocol, ScalableBFT. With their experience building trading systems, Kadena’s team has developed the tools needed to finally realize widespread blockchain adoption: a simple and safe smart contract language, Pact, and an upcoming proof of work protocol to scale public blockchain, Chainweb.
Will Martino
Will was Lead engineer for Juno, JP Morgan’s blockchain prototype, and was previously Tech Lead for the SEC's Cryptocurrency Steering Committee and the Quantitative Analytics Unit.
Stuart Popejoy
Stuart directed JP Morgan’s Emerging Tech Blockchain group, and has 15 years experience building trading systems and exchange backbones for the financial industry.
Monica Quaintance
Monica led database engineering at Rent The Runway and was a quant for the SEC, before which she worked in investment banking for Cushman & Wakefield.
Ben Jessel
Ben is a consulting, financial services and emerging technology veteran with over 18 years experience of advising clients within consultancies including Accenture, Deloitte and Capco. Prior to Kadena Ben ran Capco's blockchain practice.
Vivienne Chen
Media & Communications
Vivienne brings experience in journalism, online media, blogging and creative writing, previously working in editorial at Scholastic.
Mark Nichols
Mark brings a wealth of experience with production Haskell development, with extensive experience in financial systems, DSL design, and big data.
Paul Giordano
Paul is an industry veteran as General Counsel and Chairman at Ironshore, CEO of Syncora Holdings Ltd. and CEO of Financial Products & Services and General Counsel at XL Capital.
Wayne Martino
Wayne has decades of legal and business experience with companies and entrepreneurs in emerging growth industries including the early stages of the commercial internet, new media and nanotech and, since 2013, working in cryptocurrency ecosystem.