Powering the
Human Layer
of Blockchain

Kadena reimagines blockchain technologies for humans.

All Humans.

This is just the beginning for us.
Because already, where others
can’t, Kadena can
Like most blockchain
technologies, we’re

Kadena is the only scalable layer-1 Proof of Work (PoW) platform capable of scaling to settle the 9+ million trades executed on the NYSE each day. Our protocol continually scales to higher TPS (Transactions Per Second) as more chains are added.


To solve for the security and throughput demands of financial services clients, Kadena runs on Proof of Work, rather than Proof of Stake, which is more reliable, secure, and battle-hardened.


Kadena is the only platform offering a complete decentralized infrastructure for builders. Our revolutionary braided chain architecture provides you with the tools needed to go from concept to launch in a matter of days.

But we’re also

Pact, our new programming language for writing smart contracts, was designed to be human-readable, so anyone can easily understand the functions, admins, and other details of any smart contracts.


One of the advantages of Proof of Work is that, unlike Proof of Stake, no single party can dominate. It means that no singular entity can influence the network, by hacking it or changing the ledger.


Kadena is already a leader in the blockchain space, but blockchain has yet to realize its true potential. We have the vision, drive and technology to change that.


Best-in-class speed and security only matters if the underlying technology works on a human level. We build practical solutions, not just tech demos.

Because we’re not just building products; we’re creating the infrastructure for imagination
Human Imagination
All built on the only blockchain
focused on Layer H.
The Human Layer.
Imagine what you can do.
This is #NewKadena
Powering Layer H