August 31, 2022

Introducing Kadena Eco Strategic Advisory Board

Kadena Eco Announces Formation of Strategic Advisory Board to catalyze vision for mainstream blockchain adoption to deliver Web3 innovation with Web2 usability, names Brooke Skinner Ricketts as first Advisor.

CHICAGO, IL – August 31, 2022 – Kadena Eco, the world’s leading builder-centric blockchain platform today announced the formation of a strategic advisory board. Each of these seasoned technology leaders will bring diverse operational excellence, strategic agility and experience building for mass adoption to support the company’s rapid growth plans. Led by the CEO, Francesco Melpignano, blockchain engineer, entrepreneur and technologist, Kadena Eco will accelerate the growth of blockchain technology by providing builders with a unique, scalable architecture and safe smart contracts.

“In the race to mainstream Web3 adoption, usability matters as much as innovation. We’re showing up as a true ally and partner to startups and builders with real solutions that solve the Blockchain Trilemma of scalability, security and decentralization. As we pursue our aggressive growth agenda to double headcount across engineering, marketing, business development and operations, our Strategic Advisory board will support our bold ambitions and provide valuable counsel along the way.”

Today the company announces the appointment of Brooke Skinner Ricketts as Strategic Advisor to the company. Ms. Skinner Ricketts, is President of Beyond Barriers Labs, a web3 leadership accelerator and community focused on empowering professional women while closing the gender gap at work. Over the past two decades, she has led organizations spanning multiple verticals in global brand development, 10-figure P&L management, NextGen innovation, and strategic excellence to vault them to success. Her efforts have enabled dozens of entities to navigate complex challenges, develop deeper relationships with their people, and achieve enduring growth. “It’s rare to have the opportunity to help define the future, and Kadena Eco is doing just that. I couldn’t be more excited to join Francesco and the team to support the Kadena Eco’s marketing, product and growth strategies, ” said Ms. Skinner Ricketts. “I’m confident that our work together will not only pioneer but also define what great web3 marketing looks like.”


Kadena Eco is an innovation network fueling mainstream adoption of Web3, DeFi and NFTs. We unite technical founders and entrepreneurs with the world’s top blockchain leaders, venture capitalists and acceleration partners to support startups at every phase of their development journey. By leveraging Kadena’s builder-centric blockchain that delivers Web3 innovation with Web2 usability, Kadena Eco aims to speed the development and adoption of meaningful applications that benefit everyday people, worldwide.