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Pact is our simple and safe smart contract language. Battle-tested in production applications for over two years, Pact is fundamentally different from other languages because it’s readable by non-developers and automatically detects bugs before they can be exploited.

Control it all with Pact


Kadena supports a “liquidity commons,” which is a self-coordinating and unfragmented liquidity pool enabling unique incentives and cash flows across multiple exchanges.


Marmalade provides the complete infrastructure to launch and run game-changing NFT marketplaces. Unlike other markets, Marmalade offers 100% on-chain transactions, high-quality provenance, low gas fees, and shared ownership that can span platforms.


EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) platforms require even the simplest contracts to include reams of unintelligent copy-pasted code, preventing multi-chain interop. However, Pact was designed for interop, allowing a single PolyFungible NFT ledger to service the entire market.


Cosmos developers can now use Pact to build directly on Kadenamint, an implementation of the Pact smart contract language on Tendermint (an open-source tool to bypass cryptography setup and jump straight into higher-level dApp development.) And we’re also working on bringing Pact into the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

Getting started is simple

Learn Kadena’s core concepts by exploring three production dApps. Total commitment: 15 minutes.

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Interact with real code to learn how Pact makes building DeFi, NFT, and dApps easy and safe.

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The perfect ecosystem

Kadena works with your preferred services, so you can build how you want, where you want.

Case study: Kaddex from 0 to 60

Safety and simplicity

Pact’s built-in safety and simplicity is helping developers build out the Kaddex business model to provide a front-end for users.

A smart contract first

Kaddex is the first company to use Kadena’s decentralized infrastructure to wrap the Kadenaswap Universal AMM smart contract. Kaddex DEX is the first step in bringing the larger financial industry into safe DeFi on Kadena.

Powered by Pact

Decentralized infrastructure will soon power more than just DEX: decentralized lending, MEV mitigations, interoperability, payments, derivatives, and more.

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