People make
it happen

Our communities, your network

Our passionate community of builders, miners, and advocates is spreading the word about Kadena – growing and securing the network, and earning and trading KDA tokens along the way.

Build from within

Run a node

Monitor the network, connect with a mining pool, and get expert advice on your own configuration.

Chain Relay

Join our Chain Relay bridge connecting Kadena to Ethereum, Celo, and Terra, secured with KDA bonding earning up to 30% APY.

Ambassador Program

Join a community of passionate individuals in helping spread Kadena’s brand and mission.

Watch with us

Kadena Eco - First Grant Cohort AMA

Kadena Eco Project Deep Dive AMA with DNA

Between the Blocks: Kadena's Pact Lead - Emily Pillmore

Between the Blocks: Kadena's CTO - John Wiegley

Stuart Haber Fireside Chat with Stuart Popejoy!

How Chainweb Works: A Simple Animation

Read with us


There are many ways to manage and move your KDA to suit your goals and preferences.

Three things you should know to safely manage your tokens.

Stay safe

The official KDA custody tools for desktop and mobile, with support guides to get you started.

Open a wallet

A summary of the key features supported by the exchanges trading KDA.

Exchanges summary