Turbocharging adoption
with Eco

Empowering builders for innovation

Kadena Eco helps growing the Kadena ecosystem by accommodating builders at all stages and at any level of expertise – from early to web2 companies with millions of users exploring web3.

To support community-oriented projects.

Apply for a grant

For hands-on technical development to advance builder skills and ideas.

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For early capital and guidance to empower startups from launch to scale.

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To architect the Kadena infrastructure required to transform complex technical concepts into real-world practical applications.

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Smart capital, strategic growth and
operational expertise to propel companies using or pivoting to Kadena’s blockchain platform to realize their vision.

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An innovation network for hypergrowth

Kadena Eco is a new initiative designed to bring together the biggest thinkers in the blockchain industry, top-tier tech talent, and unparalleled strategic capital to fuel Kadena’s ecosystem hypergrowth.


Kadena Eco is an innovation network fueling mainstream adoption on Kadena’s builder-centric blockchain that delivers Web3 innovation with Web2 usability.

We’re uniting technical founders and entrepreneurs with the world’s top blockchain leaders, venture capitalists and acceleration partners to support startups at every phase of their development journey.

Kadena Eco aims to speed the development and adoption of meaningful applications that benefit everyday people, worldwide.

Ecosystem fund and next steps

Kadena Eco’s initial focus is developing a core ecosystem fund that will deploy capital to builders using Kadena and provide the technological and strategic help they need to become the industry titans of tomorrow.

In the near future, Kadena Eco will bring on many strategic co-investment partners.

We also plan to scale core R&D efforts, advance our grants program, and formalize an accelerator program.

Meet the team

Kadena Eco’s leadership brings together world-class Web1 to Web3 industry experts.

This team oversees our long-term vision for ecosystem growth for our community of developers, entrepreneurs, investors and partners in support of our mission of mainstream adoption of blockchain, Web3 and NFTs. The best way to reach any of our team members is via Twitter and LinkedIn DMs.

Francesco Melpignano – CEO

Tyler Benster – Tech Adoption Lead

Dan Wiggins – Grant and Investments Lead

Doug Beardsley – Advisor

Technology & Developer Growth

Stuart Popejoy –   Advisor 

Technology & Financial Markets

Will Martino – Advisor

Technology & Regulations

Anastasia Bez – Advisor
Strategic Operations, Art & NFT’s

Joel Woodman – Senior Ecosystem Development Manager

Scott Barker – Advisor

Brooke Ricketts – Advisor

Lana Al-Youssef – Ecosystem Business Development

Stone Gettings – Partnerships & Ecosystem Grants


The Kadena Grants program is designed to inspire builders to come and innovate on the Kadena network. Our grants are applied to projects big and small, enabling builders of all backgrounds to succeed on Kadena. 

The projects below demonstrate a deep focus on building, growing, and supporting the Kadena ecosystem.

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