live roadmap

Completed milestones

Upcoming milestones


  • Pact Core v1
  • Signing Kadena transactions with a Ledger hardware wallet
  • Wallet API support for signing multiple transactions in one request
  • Account search and balance checking in the block explorer
  • Chainweaver token support
  • WalletConnect integration


  • Kaddex, DEX, launched on Kadena
  • Wrapped native tokens (kBTC, kETH, kUSD) launched on Kadena
  • Marmalade, NFT standard, smart contract on mainnet
  • Marmalade, NFT standard, frontend beta
  • Ecosystem initiative phase 2
  • Major ecosystem growth partnerships
  • Marketing collaboration to promote Kadena’s ecosystem
  • Additional global exchange listings
  • US exchange listings
  • Kadena EVM decentralized bridge infrastructure testnet
  • Kadena-Cosmos IBC bridge (Terra) testnet
  • Lending platform infrastructure
  • Kadena sustainable mining initiative launched
  • Kadena developer documentation upgrade
  • Developer, ambassador and grant programs phase 2
  • Community bootcamp